The Forgotten “Fifth” Wall

Typically the last place you look when you enter a room is the ceiling, but paying a little attention to this often forgotten “fifth” wall can make the biggest style difference in a room.  Believe it or not, the ceiling is an integral part of your decor and can set the stage for your entire design scheme. 

When considering ceiling designs and patterns it is important to first determine the style of your home, what your budget is, and what look you would like to achieve.  Generally, we see textured drywall ceilings that are painted white, but there are so many more options available to spruce up a room and give it a signature look!


Tin ceiling panels will give you a vintage touch.  It was a popular style in the 1880’s to embellish a ceiling and also provided extra fire protection to the home.  Today decorative tin panels are light weight and can easily be installed directly over the existing ceiling.


Usually drywall is used to hide beams, trusses, and piping, but exposed ceilings can give an industrial or modern look to a space.


 When a home has vaulted or raised ceilings, wooden or faux beams can provide visual interest and warmth to a room. This dramatic look has gained popularity in recent years, and the design possibilities are nearly endless.  


A tray ceiling is a conventional ceiling with a recessed section to give it an artistic feature.  The recessed portion might have special paint colors, unique wood molding, and dramatic lighting to make the ceiling become a focal point in the room. These types of ceilings can work in any room and offer lots of opportunity for customization.


Coffered ceilings have many recessed sections to create a beautiful pattern and design above. They are most common in traditional spaces, such as dining rooms or living rooms, and require the right lighting to enhance this design scheme.


If you are looking to cover up a bad drywall job or an old popcorn ceiling or just want to give a designer look to a room, consider using tongue-and-groove wood planks.  These come in natural wood, stained wood, or paint-grade planks to give you just the right look and desired charm.

The sky is the limit when embellishing the forgotten “fifth” wall. These are just a few ways to accentuate a room by using the ceiling as a focal point.  Use your imagination, and look up for inspiration!

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