I am thinking about moving...

Summer is coming and that means people are looking to move. If you are looking for a home to buy, a home to rent, or if you are interested in selling your home, give me a call! I am the BEST realtor in Boulder City, NV! My 100% five star reviews say it all. I will always look out for your best interest. Ready to buy, sell, or invest? GIVE ME A CALL! PinyonRealEstate.com Serving Boulder City, Henderson, & Las Vegas areas.

What is the final walk through? 03/21/2024

When purchasing a property, you will have the opportunity to do a final walk through. This is where you will check to see if all of the repairs have been made, that the home is in the same or better condition as in the beginning, and where you sign off on the home as being acceptable. This walk through generally is a few days before closing. You will not typically get the keys to the home until after the property has recorded with county assessors office. Once the escrow company confirms the property is in your name, then you will receive the keys and full access to the home. If you would like to work with the top real estate agents in Boulder City, then give us a call!

What is the first step to buy a home? 3/18/24

It's time to get pre-approved for a loan so that you are prepared to buy a home! This is the first step to purchasing a property, unless you are paying cash. A loan pre-approval will tell you how much you can afford and other important details. If you are looking to get pre-qualified, give me a call and I can assist. We are the best real estate agents when it comes to buying, selling and investing in Boulder City, Henderson and Las Vegas. Pinyon Properties is your real estate one-stop-shop!

Are Interest Rates Coming Down In 2024? 1/3/2024

GET READY TO BUY IN 2024! Rumor has it that in 2024 the interest rates will be coming down, making it more affordable to buy a home. The first step to prepare to buy a property will be to get pre-approved for a loan. This will tell you the price range you can afford and it will be required when making an offer to buy a home. If you want to be a competitive buyer when the rates drop, then prepare now! If you are interested in getting pre-approved for a loan then give me a call. Ready to buy, sell or invest? Pinyon Properties is your real estate one-stop-shop and we are ready to assist with ALL your real estate needs. We are the BEST Realtors in Boulder City, Henderson, and in the Las Vegas area!

Are You Nervous To Buy A Home? 12/17/2023

Nervous to buy a home? It is normal to have the jitters when you are making such a large purchase, but it is important to understand the buying process and how it can protect you. After you have been pre-approved for a loan, you will begin to work with a real estate agent. Once a home is selected the agent will prepare a purchase agreement. It is at this point where buyers most often feel stressed, but you don't have to! You will usually have 7-14 days after the offer is accepted to have professionals inspect the home, request repairs to be made, and make sure it is the right property for you. This time period is called "due diligence". If you choose to move forward with the purchase, great! If you choose to cancel during your due diligence time, then you will be protected and can safely cancel the transaction. Buyers sometimes feel their anxiety raise when signing the offer because they do not realize that they have 1-2 weeks to really be sure of their decision. If you are ready to buy a home, it will be important that you choose a local real estate agency that has experience and good reviews. Pinyon Properties Real Estate is the BEST brokerage in Boulder City! Our 100% 5 star reviews say it all! Give us a call to begin your home ownership journey with agents you can trust!

What Are Contingencies? 12/17/2023

What are contingencies in a real estate transaction? It is very common to have contingencies in a purchase agreement when you buy a property. These are generally written in to protect you. Some of the most common contingencies, if you are a buyer would be 1. Sales Contingency: You have to sell a home in order to buy a home 2. Inspection Contingency: You need to inspect the home before committing to purchase it. 3. Loan Contingency: You have to be fully approved for the loan. 4. Appraisal Contingency: The property must appraise for the amount that you are paying in order for you to move forward with the purchase. 5. HOA Review Contingency: You must have time to receive and review the HOA rules, regulations, and budget. 6. Clear Title Contingency: The property must have a clear and clean title before you purchase the home. While there are other contingencies, these are the most common. Everyone has specific and unique circumstances and that is why it is important to choose a real estate agent that has experience and knows how to protect you. Pinyon Properties is the best real estate agency in Boulder City! Give us a call if you are ready to buy, sell or invest!

What is the housing market like right now in Boulder City? 11/29/23

The housing market in Boulder City seems to be steady. While it is slower than during the time of low interest rates, it has not halted. The prices are steady and the market is still moving. If a home is listed at the correct price then I will likely sell within 30-45 days. There are plenty of interested buyers out there right now, but they seem to be looking for good deals and they are dealing with the high prices and high interest rates. Sellers may consider offering to pay the closing costs or offer to buy down the buyers interest rate as an incentive. If you are ready to buy sell or invest, give me a call. We are your real estate professionals and we serve Boulder City, Henderson and Las Vegas.

Who is the BEST Realtor in Boulder City, NV? 09/23/2023

The real estate broker, Lisa Morris and her husband who is a real estate attorney, are the BEST choice when listing, buying or investing in Boulder City, Henderson, or Las Vegas. Both Lisa and Steven are licensed real estate agents and mortgage loan officers. Steven has been practicing law in Nevada since 2000. This POWER couple will look over you and help, as you buy, sell, or invest in real estate. They have 100% five star ratings and the expertise to assist in all your real estate needs!

What Is A Continent Offer? 09/12/20223

What is a contingent offer? When a seller receives a purchase offer, there are often contingencies attached to the sale. This means in order for the sale to be finalized, something else must also take place. Some of these contingencies are that the loan is approved, or that the house appraises for the correct amount, or that the inspection is acceptable. Another important contingency to understand is when a buyer has to sell another home in order to purchase a different home. If a seller is going to accept an offer that has a contingent home to sell, the seller should gather more information before automatically accepting the offer. The seller should know where the contingent home is located, when it will be going up for sale, if it is under contract already, how much they plan on listing the home for, how motivated the buyer will be when selling the contingent home, and other dates and deadlines. While it is not uncommon to have contingencies attached to purchase agreements, some can complicate the process. You will want to have an experienced realtor, or real estate broker to represent you, someone that knows the process and the right questions to ask. When you are ready to list your home call Pinyon Properties Real Estate. We will protect you and your best interest. Serving Boulder City, Henderson, & Las Vegas.

Can I Sell My Home & Make No Repairs? 08/01/2023

Do you want to sell but don't have the time, money or energy to fix up the house? The best option will be to sell the home in "As Is" condition. This means you are not consenting to unnecessary or unnecessary repairs or updates. The buyer will go in knowing that the home will be sold in the same condition as they are first seeing it. This allows sellers to relax during the listing and selling process. One drawback may be that the seller will need to list the home at a lower price or accept a lower offer, if the home is not in it best condition. This "As Is" option is great for trustees or people who need to sell quickly without forking out extra money and effort. If you are ready to buy, sell or invest, give me a call at Pinyon Properties Real Estate. We are the best realtors serving Southern Nevada and Boulder City! Your Real Estate Professionals. PinyonRealEstate.com

What makes an excellent Realtor? 07/17/2023

What makes an excellent Realtor? There are lots of qualities that would be needed to qualify for the title of an excellent Realtor, but the top 3 are knowledgeable, personable, and a good communicator. The agent must be knowledgeable and experienced in order to keep you and your money safe. There are lots of intricacies, deadlines, and contracts that makes it crucial to have an experienced Realtor. Having an agent that gets along with others and can think win-win, will impact your transaction greatly, especially in negotiations. Finally, a real estate agent that is a good communicator will be priceless. Being able to have your questions and concerns answered promptly, will help alleviate some of the stress of buying a property. If you are looking for the best Boulder City Realtors, look no further than Lisa Morris and Pinyon Properties. We are your real estate one-stop-shop!

What does Pinyon Properties offer their clients? 07/08/2023

Pinyon Properties & the broker Lisa Morris will be by your side during the entire process. If you are looking for a realtor with lots of experience and excellent communication skills, look no further! Our 100% five-star reviews say everything you need to know about our fantastic client care. You will have our undivided attention as we help you navigate your important real estate transaction. Whether you are a buyer, seller or investor, we have you covered! We are your real estate one-stop-shop!

Will Pinyon Properties & Lisa Morris be offering a free first-time buyer's class? 07/08/2023

Yes! Pinyon Properties, Lisa Morris & Steven Morris will be offering a FREE first-time buyer's class to anyone who would like to learn the process of getting approved for a loan and buying a home. The best realtors in town will be explaining the entire process from start to finish so you feel confident when it comes time to make your first purchase.

What are the first steps to buying a home? 06/20/2023

First-time home buyers are often unsure of the steps to take to buy a home. The first thing is to make sure that you have your finances in order. This means paying down debt, maintaining a good credit score, and saving up money for closing costs and a down payment. Once these items have been addressed, get a loan pre-approval from a reputable lender. You will submit employment, income, debt, and other financial information to the lender. This will tell you how much you can afford, how much money you need to have saved up, and other important details. Any realtor will want this information before taking you out to look for homes. You will also need this loan pre-approval letter in order to submit an offer on a property. At this point you will be able to search for homes and submit an offer. Your real estate agent will guide you through the buying process from here. Pinyon Properties is your real estate one-stop-shop! We are the best real estate brokerage for first-time home buyers and expert buyers as well! We serve Nevada and Utah residents.

Is the summer a good time to sell a home? 05/26/23

Historically the summer real estate market heats up and homes sell quicker. It seems that 2023 will be no different as the homes listed for sale are selling faster than the last quarter. Currently we are still in a sellers market although it is much slower than what we saw in 2020-2022 when the interest rates were incredibly low. There is still a low inventory of homes listed and many buyers are in need. If you are ready to sell your home in Boulder City, Henderson, or Las Vegas Nevada, give Pinyon Properties a call. We are your real estate one-stop-shop!

Why are rent prices so high right now? 05/08/2023

Why are rental prices so high? Recently someone complained about the rental prices being so high right now. I attempted to explain that there are many factors that play into the rental housing market. One reason is that an owner must be able to cover their mortgage payment. Housing prices have gone up, interest rates have also gone up, and this has created the need for owners to cover their costs. Besides the loan payment, landlords must also factor in the cost of property taxes, HOA fees, and home insurance. Another reason for the higher rental prices is supply and demand. There are more people wanting to rent homes than there are homes available for rent. This can cause the prices to rise. Until home prices come down, interest rates lower, or both, rental prices will likely stay high. Its a balancing act between many factors. Pinyon Properties Real Estate is your real estate one-stop-shop!

How do I buy a house? 05/01/2023

How do I buy a house? If you have never purchased a home, then this is likely a question that you have had. The first thing to do is to make sure that your consumer debt is low. This will allow you to have a healthy debt to income ratio. Consumer debt would include credit card debt, student loans, auto loans, and payday loans. Having low consumer debt and showing that you have been a responsible borrower will help your credit score, allowing you to be able to qualify for a home loan. You will also need to show proof of income which will confirm to the lender that you will be able to make the monthly payments. Plan on saving up for a down payment. The amount can vary but it is usually between 3-20% of the purchase price. There are loans that are 0% down but most will still require that you pay for closing costs. Next get pre-approved with a reputable lender. Do your research and make sure you find the lowest interest rates possible. The lower the interest rate, the more you can afford to buy, and the less you will pay in unnecessary interest to the bank. Finally find a real estate agent that knows the area, has experience, and has a good reputation. This will be necessary for a smooth purchase experience. While there are lots of other small steps along the way, these are the major ones to be aware of. The realtors at Pinyon Properties are the best in Boulder City, Henderson, and Las Vegas. When you are ready to buy, sell or invest, give us a call!

What do you do if an appraisal comes back under value? 05/01/2023

This occasionally happens during a real estate transaction and when it does, there are a few things that can be done. The seller can try and provide recent similar comparable sales to try and support the price of the home in hopes that the appraiser can make adjustments in the price. If that doesn't work then the buyer and seller have to negotiate a solution. Sometimes a buyer will have to pay above the appraised value, sometimes the seller has to reduce the price, and most often both parties have to bend to meet in the middle. It is always best to list a home within the range of recent sales so you can avoid having to deal with a low appraisal situation. If a buyer has a loan, an appraisal is almost always required. The bank does not want to lend more money than what a property is worth, which is why a low appraisal situation falls into the hands of the buyer and seller to deal with. When it comes to real estate in Boulder City, Henderson, and Las Vegas, Pinyon Properties Real Estate is your BEST choice!

Should I put my homes in a trust or LLC? 04/14/2023

It's A Bad Idea To Have Your Homes In Your Personal Name. There are several very good reasons to put your home and rental homes into a trust or LLC. One reason is to avoid probate when you pass away. If it is in a trust then you can avoid this long drawn out court process. Another important reason to not have your rental homes in your personal name is to protect against liability. If you were to get sued, and your home was in an LLC, you would protect your personal assets. Owning a home in an LLC also protects your privacy. There are tax benefits that come with putting your rental homes in an LLC which is also nice bonus. Trusts are best for your personal home and LLC's are best for rental properties. If you are ready to buy, sell, invest or need advice on asset protection give us a call. Pinyon Properties is your real estate one-stop-shop! Our 5 star agents are ready to assist.

Top 3 Ways Owning A Home Builds Wealth 04/13/2023

Top 3 Ways Owning A Home Builds Wealth There are many ways to earn a living and invest in your future, but one of the most effective and tangible ways is often overlooked, owning a home! 1. Home values appreciate which adds value to your net worth. 2. Owning a home builds equity and is not lost money. Rent pays for someone else's mortgage and does not benefit you. 3. Homeownership provides mortgage interest deductions and other tax write offs. Don't wait to build your financial future! If you are ready to buy, sell, or invest give us a call. Pinyon Properties is your real estate one-stop-shop. We have the BEST real estate agents in Boulder City, Henderson, and Las Vegas!

What Are The Top 5 Reasons To Own A Home? 04/13/2023

Top 5 Reasons To Own A Home Owning a home has many financial, social, and physical benefits. Here are the top 5 reasons for owning a home. 1. Stable Housing Costs If you have a 30 year fixed interest rate loan, that means your monthly mortgage payment will not change. Historically rent continues to go up, but your monthly loan payment will not! 2. A home is an appreciating investment. This means that your home will go up in value over time and it will be worth more than what you paid for it. 3. A home has tax advantages. Home ownership brings with it many opportunities to save on taxes! 4. A home is a source of ready cash. When you own a home that has equity or is worth more than what you own on it, you are able to borrow a portion of that difference. 5. Freedom to personalize. Owning a home allows you to decide how it will look and feel. If you are ready to buy, sell or invest, give us a call. Pinyon Properties has the best realtors in the Las Vegas area! We are your real estate one-stop-shop!

What Should My Realtor Do For Me? 04/11/2023

The process of buying a home for first-time home buyers can feel very over whelming. Just the real estate terminology can stress out new buyers. The dates, deadlines, real estate and loan forms, inspections, appraisals, and so on, are all so new and unfamiliar. First-time home buyers love working with Pinyon Properties because we know how to lead our buyers with confidence and professionalism. Realtors should be experienced, communicate often and clearly, negotiate well, explain the process, know the vicinity, and look out for the buyers best interest. Our 5 star ratings say it all! If you are ready to buy a home in Boulder City, Henderson or Las Vegas, give us a call. We are the BEST, and most trusted realtors in the area!

What are the top 10 mistakes people make when buying or selling a home? 04/01/2023

10 Mistakes people often make when buying or selling a home. 1. Buying a house for its decorations and staging. 2. Not allowing easy access for showings. 3. Not researching the neighborhood. 4. Sellers not giving buyers space during showings. 5. Not posting professional photos and videos. 6. Not decluttering your home. 7. Not using an experienced real estate agent. 8. Overlooking hidden and extra costs. 9. Setting the sales price too high. 10. Not researching the recently sold comparable homes. If you are ready to buy, sell, or invest, give the best realtors a call. Pinyon Properties is your real estate one-stop-shop, serving Boulder City, Henderson, and the Las Vegas area.

What should I do when selling my home? 03/30/2023

Sell Your Home With These 4 Tips! 1. When you list your home it is important to price your home right. If you choose to list the home too high then you will likely loose those serious first buyers who are interested. If you list the home too low then it may get multiple offers which could drive the price higher, this is not a bad strategy when pricing. Looking at the most recent sale comps in the area will tell you the approximate value of your similar property. 2. Curbside appeal matters. When potential buyers drive by your home, it is important that the exterior of your home looks appealing. If you can't sell them from the outside, you may not get them inside. 3. Stage the interior of your home the best that you can. You may consider hiring a furniture staging company to really make it shine. Get rid of as much clutter as possible and create an inviting space where buyers can imagine themselves there. 4. Finally, make sure that it is easy to show your home. Too many restrictions on showings will delay the sale. It is best to have a plan to put away the pets and to leave the home while it is being shown. Buyers like to talk openly with their agents without having the sellers listening in. If you are ready to sell your home, give us a call. Pinyon Properties is your real estate one-stop-shop. Our real estate professionals serve Boulder City, Henderson, and the Las Vegas area.

What is an appraisal? 03/24/2023

A new home buyer or first-time seller may be confused by all of the real estate terms and acronyms they encounter. One of these may be the appraisal. The appraisal is when the licensed appraiser comes to the property, takes pictures, measures the floorplan, and writes up a report for the lender. This report will include what they believe the value of the property is worth. This is the number that the lender or bank will use to make sure they are secure in this investment. Buyers use this appraised value to insure that they are not over paying for the home. If an appraisal comes back lower than what the contracted price is, then it may be possible for the seller and buyer to negotiate a price that is agreeable to both parties. Your real estate professional should guide you though this process and protect your best interest. The Realtors at Pinyon Properties are here to guide you through the process of your purchase or sale. Give us a call if you are needing real estate assistance in Boulder City, Henderson, or Las Vegas, Nevada. We are your one-stop-shop!

Can a home buyer ask a seller to make repairs? 03/23/23

When buying a house can the buyer ask for the seller to make repairs? The answer is yes, most of the time you can request repairs unless you have agreed to buy the property in "as is" condition. During the purchase transaction, there is a time period called due diligence. This time frame is when the buyer performs inspections to confirm the condition of the property. After the inspections have been performed, and during the due diligence time, a buyer may submit a repairs request form to the seller. This form allows buyers to request that repairs be made or that perhaps the seller credit the buyer money in lieu of repairs. The seller can choose to accept the request, counter offer another solution, or reject the repairs request. The buyer should be aware that even if the seller denies the petition, this will not jeopardize the transaction. Often buyers and sellers have to go back and forth in order to come to an agreement. If an agreement can not be made during this time, then the buyer has the right to cancel the transaction. Make sure that you choose a real estate brokerage that is skilled and understands the entire process and how to protect their clients. Pinyon Properties is ready to assist buyers, sellers, and investors in Boulder City, Henderson, and Las Vegas, Nevada!

How can I protect myself as a home buyer? 03/16/2023

New or first-time home buyers are often very nervous to submit an offer on a home. This is understandable as this may be one of the biggest purchases of their life. There are time periods incorporated into a purchase contract that protects the buyer and can set the purchaser at ease. The first one is the due diligence time period. This is usually at the beginning and lasts between 7-10 days. During this time the buyer will be able to have different inspections performed to make sure the property is in good or acceptable condition. If during the due diligence time frame, issues arise or the home is not what the buyer anticipated, the buyer can cancel the transaction without repercussions. There are other contingencies that protect a buyer such as the appraisal contingency, the approval of the CC&R's (ex: HOA rules), and the loan contingency. If the buyers loan falls through, the loan contingency allows the contract to be cancelled. If the home does not appraise for the right price then the buyer can negotiate with the seller or cancel the purchase contract. If the buyer does not accept the CC&R rules then the buyer can legally rescind. Each contract is going to be unique and must be reviewed and understood, but most contracts should have these contingencies to protect buyers. Our agents know how to protect our buyers. If you are ready to buy, sell, or invest in Boulder City, Henderson, or Las Vegas, Nevada, give us a call. Pinyon Properties is your real estate one-stop-shop!

Long Term Rental vs. Short Term Rental 03/15/2023

If you are a real estate investor you may have wondered if a long term rental is better than a short term vacation rental. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, and I will explain a few of those items. Long term rentals are usually properties that are rented for a year or longer to one tenant. Long term rentals have a fixed income rate and are generally stable and predictable. You will not be raising rental prices until after the term of the lease ends but you will know what to expect each month. In long term rental agreements you can negotiate to have the renter pay for minor repairs, utilities, and HOA fees. The main benefit to long term leases are that they are very predictable and require a little less of your attention. Short term leases, also known as vacation rentals, are generally rented out in shorter increments. There are many people coming in and out of your property which requires more of your attention, will result in more repairs, and the owner will be responsible for most of the maintenance, utilities, HOA fees and so on. There is the potential to earn more each month than long term leases due to the fact that you can raise rates anytime. Some areas of the country are high tourist areas and the property may rent out most of the year. Other areas may only rent out seasonally. These are things to consider. Vacation rentals can also be used by the owner while the rental income is paying for the expenses. There are many things to consider before deciding.

Should I buy or rent a home? 03/14/2023

Many people wonder if they should rent or own a property. This is a serious question to carefully analyze. Some pros to owning a property is that you are not paying for someone else's mortgage, you are paying yourself. You are the one that can capitalize on the equity you build and most importantly on the appreciation of the property. Historically, real estate always appreciates and goes up in value over time. There are also tax benefits to owning a home that you cannot get when renting. Many economists say that home ownership adds to personal wealth. Of course there are times when renting may be more favorable, but overall owning is better than renting. If you are ready to buy, sell or invest in Boulder City, Henderson, or Las Vegas, Nevada, give us a call. Pinyon Properties is your real estate one-stop-shop!

How do I evict someone? 03/12/23

Do you have a problem renter? Don't worry we understand what that is like. Occasionally, what seemed to be a great tenant can turn into a real nightmare. Whether it is not paying rent, destroying the house, unapproved pets, or a different reason, sometimes you need to hire an attorney. Pinyon Properties has the best real estate eviction attorney in all of Clark County Nevada. He understands what it takes to get your home back and your tenant out. Evictions can be tricky as they have to be done properly and within the courts. If you are having problems with your renters and need to move forward with an eviction, give us a call! Pinyon Properties is your real estate one-stop-shop! We service Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas, Nevada. PInyonRealEstate.com

What is passive income? 02/28/2023

Creating Passive Income. Passive income is the opposite as active income and is also called unearned income. It is money earned with minimal effort. Rental income is considered passive income and while it is taxable, there are many tax deductions that can benefit you. Passive income can be a great way to generate extra cash flow which will enable you to build your wealth and create financial stability and security. If you have saved enough money for a down payment and are interested in buying a rental property to generate passive income, give Pinyon Properties a call. We understand real estate investing and can guide you as you become an investor. Stating early is the key to your success!

Why is Boulder City, NV a good place to live? 02/28/2023

There are many reasons why Boulder City, Nevada is a great place to live! First of all the cost of living in Boulder City is less than living in Las Vegas. This is very important for those who live on a fixed income. There are wonderful green parks scattered around town. The Veterans Park has a fishing pond, grassy sports fields, playgrounds, a splash pad, a skate park, and nice walking trails. Hemingway Park has a full view of beautiful Lake Mead. Big Horn Sheep often visit and graze at this spacious park. Here you will find a playground, picnic tables and tennis courts. Boulder City is home of the Hoover Dam and also the Lake Mead Recreational Park area. There is a historic vibe to this cute town and there are fun little restaurants in the downtown area. The schools are all on the same block. The towns children attend school in the same area, making it an easy pick up and drop off situation. This city is small and has about 15,000 residents and it is close to the large towns of Henderson and Las Vegas. If you are looking to relocate to Boulder City, then call Pinyon Properties. We are the BEST realtors in Boulder City!

What makes a home beautiful? 2/25/2023

There is always someone with a bigger house, a prettier house and a cleaner house than you. With social media you are bombarded with picture perfect homes which can lead an onlooker to feel less satisfied with their own home. We should always remember that comparison is the thief of joy and we should try to avoid it. I recall my kids asking me why I always looked at model homes that no one lived in. My expectations for our home were that of a model home and that was simply unrealistic for a family full of young children. What I have learned over the years is that I feel far more satisfied with what I have when I keep my spaces clean and organized. If I spend some time just beautifying what I already have, I feel more content. With a little effort, any space can become lovely and comfortable. One of the key components is to avoid clutter. Too many things on display can create a cramped and disorderly look and feel. Finally let us remember that a home full of peace and love is ultimately the best kind of home! Pinyon Properties is your real estate one-stop-shop and we are ready to serve you with all of your real estate needs.

Should you remodel a rental property? 2/25/2023

Are you looking to remodel a rental property? Recently we did a full remodel of a basement apartment in the span of just 20 days! It was a rush and there were many long days and lots of contractors. Before jumping into any remodel project, make sure that you do your homework. You must get a few bids for each area of work that needs to be done. This will help you to know that you are getting a fair price for the work. Understand that remodel projects snowball and you will most likely end up doing more and spending more money than you originally anticipated. On this project, we didn't foresee the extra drywall repairs, the additional painting, and the new gas and electrical lines that needed to be run. These items add up quick, so be sure to set aside some extra funds for the inevitable extras. Another word of caution is that doing a full remodel on a low end rental may not pay off. Carefully consider the cost of the project, the rent you will get in return and the time it will take to re-coup that investment. I have learned that tenants do not always treat your property with care and sometimes having the newest and nicest doesn't pay off. If you are looking to invest in real estate, give us a call. We serve all of Southern Nevada including Boulder City, Henderson, and Las Vegas. Pinyon Properties is your real estate one-stop-shop!

What inspections should I perform? 02/21/2023

Do your due diligence! During the due diligence time period, it is extremely important to perform thorough inspections. In-depth plumbing inspections using a sewer camera is advised especially in older homes. There can be many unseen issues with old cast iron pipes and plumbing lines. Spending a few hundred dollars could reveal thousands of dollars worth of needed repairs. If you have this information early in the transaction, you may be able to request that the seller perform the needed repairs or give you a credit at the close of escrow so that you can make the repairs. Having meticulous inspections, especially with the main systems of the home, will help you as the buyer, to make sound purchasing decisions. Hiring a general inspector is a wise choice, but also go the extra mile and have a plumber, electrician, HVAC, and roofer at minimum, look over the home as well. Pinyon Properties is your real estate one-stop-shop! We are here to serve you in Boulder City, Henderson, and Las Vegas, Nevada!

Should I invest in real estate? 02/21/2023

Becoming a real estate investor may not be as tricky as you may expect. There are ways to scale up your real estate portfolio gradually and effectively. One way is to purchase a home for yourself, live in it for two years, then use it as a rental property as you purchase another home as your primary residence. During the two years in between each home, save up money for your next down payment. Essentially over the span of 10 years you could likely get mortgage loans at the lowest rates and end up with 5 rental properties! This is a very straight forward and effective investment strategy! Our realtors at Pinyon Properties are very familiar with real estate investing and have years of personal investing experience. If you are considering buying real estate, give us a call. We understand how to evaluate returns on investments and all of the ins and outs of property ownership and property management. Boulder City, Henderson, and Las Vegas, Nevada are great places to invest in real estate. We know the market and are ready to assist you with all of your real estate needs!

Are there real estate scammers? 02/21/2023

Beware of fraud!!! Just recently one of our Nevada realtors had a fraudulent client. This person posed as the owner and seller of some commercial land in Las Vegas. They had all of the correct names and information with a nice story to tell. Fortunately, there were a few red flags and our agent looked deeper into the matter and found that the seller was not who he said he was. Real estate fraud is real and we must all be aware of these scammers. Watch out! Pinyon Properties is dedicated to protecting and looking out for our clients best interest.

Who are the BEST Boulder City Realtors? 02/21/2023

Who are the BEST Boulder City Realtors? That is a search phrase that many people enter and a very good question! Pinyon Properties has the best Boulder City Realtors and has dozens of 5 star reviews from happy clients. We aim to please, we go out of our way for our clients, we are experienced, we are full of integrity, and we help clients feel like they are the most important person. Our real estate agents are available and fully dedicated to a successful transaction. Our clients walk away satisfied, more knowledgeable, and best of all, they become repeat customer! If you want true real estate professionals who service Boulder City, Henderson, and Las Vegas, Nevada, give us a call! We are your real estate one-stop-shop!

Can I sell my home from a distance? 02/13/2023

Selling a home when you do not live close by can feel a bit overwhelming. Our realtors are able to assist you from start to finish even if you do not live in the home. We can arrange for people to come remove the items remaining in the home. We can arrange for contractors to make repairs, repaint, upgrade, and replace worn out flooring. We can even stage the home to look its best. Our commitment to clear communication makes it easy for clients to feel at ease while they sell their home from a far. All it takes is a call and we will be happy to assist you with all of your real estate needs.

What is "due diligence"? 02/11/2023

Did you know that when you put in an offer to buy a house, you have an inspection time period called "due diligence". This is generally 7-12 days long and is the time period when you perform your home inspections and gather information about the condition of the home. I think of it as a safe, investigative period. During your due diligence, if you find that the home is not in good condition or that it is not a good fit for you, then you can cancel the purchase contract during that period. Often new buyers are very nervous to buy a home, but remember that you have a protected allotment of time to make sure that the home is in acceptable condition and it is what you want! Our realtors in Boulder City, Henderson, and Las Vegas, can assist you as you purchase your home. We are the BEST real estate professions serving all of Clark County, Nevada.

How much do I need for a down payment? 02/11/2023

Have you been saving up to buy a house? Most people save up enough money for their down payment and closing costs then they get a loan for the remaining balance. Different loans require different down payments and have unique closing costs. If you are eligible for a VA loan then you can contribute as little as $0 for the down payment. Conventional and FHA loans can go as low as 3% down on up. If you can, it is best to put at least a 20% down payment to avoid any additional mortgage insurance costs. The more money you put down, the less you'll pay every month and the less you will pay in interest over the life of the loan. If you have questions about getting a home loan, give me a call and I would be happy to assist. Pinyon Properties is your real estate one-stop-shop!

What is the difference between a real estate broker and a real estate salesperson? 02/10/2023

The main difference between a broker and a salesperson is that the broker is usually the company owner. The broker has more education, licensing, and responsibilities to the real estate company. A salesperson does not require the same level of experience, education, or responsibility. When choosing a real estate agent to represent you, it is important to choose the person who has experience, knowledge, and knows the area you are going to be buying or selling.

I want to buy a house, what should I do? 02/09/2023

Buying a house is a major goal and important life decision. Prepare yourself by saving up money for a down payment and for all of the associated costs to buying a home. If your credit score is not in the good to excellent range then start working on getting that score higher. You may need to pay off debts to do this. There are credit score professionals that can be hired to help you raise your credit worthiness. Shop lenders to get the best interest rate and get pre-approved. You will need to have a pre-approval letter before making an offer on a home. Interview real estate agents that know the are you want to live in. Experience, communication, reputation, and integrity all matter when choosing a real estate professional. Once you know your budget, write down your must haves in a house. Drive the areas you are interested in during the day, night and weekends. The more information you have the better decision you will make.

Why won't my house sell? 02/09/2023

When your home has been on the market awhile without any offers, sellers often wonder why their home is not selling. Most often the reason is price or presentation. Usually in a healthy housing market these are the two most common reasons a home is not selling. Take a look at your list price and consider making a plan to drop the price and see if that stimulates more interest. The second most common reason is that the presentation of the home is not very impressive. Consider decluttering, staging, making repairs, or remodeling to give your home the wow factor. Curb appeal is also important to draw in interested buyers. Lastly, make sure that your online photos and videos look professional. Your online presence is every bit as important. Most buyers see your home online first, so don't hesitate to hire a good photographer. Need more help? Give us a call!

What should I do to sell my house? 02/09/2023

If you have never sold a home before you will want to know these important things. First set a timeline and know when you want and need to be out. This timeline will impact the listing sales price. If you are in a rush then you will want to price the home on the lower end of the neighborhood comps. If you have time, then you can list on the higher end and make price adjustments as needed along the way. Determine if you need to make repairs or upgrades in the home. Hire an experienced local realtor that knows the area and understands your goals. The real estate professional that you choose must be able to confidently guide you through the sales process. Declutter and stage the home. First impressions make a big difference. Make sure that you get professional looking photos and videos. Showing well online will impact how many buyers show interest in your home. As you go through the process of selling your home, understand that you may have an emotional attachment to the home that the buyers do not have. It is important for sellers to understand that this is basically a business transaction and all parties want a good deal.

Should I remodel my kitchen? 02/09/2023

Remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom is a great place to spend money and it will help with the resale value of your home. Many people wonder what area of the home is the most important to remodel and that would be these two areas. While it costs a bit more to change out cabinets, plumbing fixtures, flooring, and counters, this is the biggest bang for the buck when you go to sell your home. Decide what your budget is, assess the value of the neighborhood, and stay within your determined parameters. You do not want to spend more on your home than what you can get back out of it. Speak to a local real estate agent to determine those resale values and get several bids from contractors before you begin the remodeling process.

Where should I live in Clark County Nevada? 02/09/2023

There are many places to chose to live in Clark County, Nevada. Las Vegas has the bright city lights and the busy city life with a large population. Henderson is right next to Las Vegas and is smaller than neighboring Las Vegas. Henderson has lots to offer with parks, shopping, and community activities. Boulder City is right next to Henderson and is a quaint town of about 15,000 residents. It is near the hustle and bustle of big city living but is has the small town vibe. Boulder City is a historic town that was established when the Hoover Dam was built in the 1930's. Boulder City has beautiful lake view parks, trails, ponds, and fun city events. When you choose a place to live in Clark County, you will want to consider these things.

What should I consider when buying a home? 02/09/2023

Buying a home is an exciting time and there are many things to carefully consider. You must first understand your monthly costs as these can add up quickly. Do not forget to include utilities, maintenance, taxes, insurance, HOA fees, and other housing costs. Make sure that you have shopped for the lowest interest rate that you can get. Interest rates really matter and it will affect your monthly payment as well as how much extra you will pay over the life of the loan. Even one percentage point will make a huge difference. Location is a big deal. Think about how close you are to work, schools, stores, and consider the surrounding homes. Location is a major factor for when you go to sell as well. Make sure that you check out the school, parks, and local community life before buying a home. Finally, this is likely one of the largest purchases you will ever make, so be sure to use an experienced local real estate agent. They should know the area, be a good communicator, and clearly understand your needs and the home buying process. If you are ready to buy, give us a call. Pinyon Properties is your real estate one-stop-shop!

How can I improve my homes curb appeal? 02/09/2023

There are some simple things that a home owner can do to boost the curb appeal of their home. Here are four simple ideas that won't take long at all and will make a big difference. Put on a fresh coat of paint to your existing front door. Go bright and bold to give it some charm. Add flower boxes or pots near the doors or windows. Greenery can dress up the home and give it personality. Another simple change that can really improve a home is to simply change out the exterior lighting fixtures. Add a hanging pendant or chandelier over the porch or change out the front door wall lights to something more modern. Finally, supersize the address numbers in a sleek black color. This will give the home a modern vibe and can be a fun focal point of the home. Small changes can make a big difference.

How can I pay off debt fast? 02/09/2023

When you are looking for financial freedom, debt can feel like a heavy burden. Getting out of debt and paying off your investment properties fast is the best way to financial freedom and security. Snowball and Rollover Method: The best way to pay off investment properties is by using the debt snowball and rollover method. Here is how it works...You put all of your extra cash towards the first mortgage, with the highest interest rate. Once that is paid off, you take the freed-up payment amount to pay down the next debt, along with all extra cash. Keep repeating this process until everything is paid off! This is the best and quickest way to pay down your debts and live with the blessing of passive income!

Should I pay more than the list price when buying a house? 02/09/2023

Clients often get concerned when they are competing with other buyers in this crazy sellers market we are experiencing. Multiple offer situations often drive the purchase price above the list price, leaving the buyers feeling frantic and nervous. It is important to consider the gift of appreciation when making the offer. It is often OK to pay more to get the house, because within a very short time, the value of the homes will go up, and the extra money you paid over list, will come back to you in equity. Currently, if you have to offer $20,000 over the list price, the forecasted appreciation shows that within 6 months you will break even again! Be wise but be courageous when competing in this strong sellers market! If you are ready to buy, sell or invest give us a call! We are your real estate one-stop-shop!

What do I need to know when buying a mobile home? 02/09/2023

Here is what you should know when buying or selling a mobile home! Not everyone knows that some mobile homes are not considered “real property” (like a house) and may be considered “personal property” (kind of like a car). If the mobile home has not been converted to real property then there is a process to convert that over. Some lenders will not loan on a mobile home that is not considered “real property”. Make sure you find this out before selling or buying a mobile home. The process is not hard but it take a little time to complete and most title companies can assist with this situation.

What makes Boulder City, Nevada a nice place to live? 02/09/2023

Did you know that Boulder City Nevada has two wonderful ponds near a large and beautiful public park? One pond is for remote control boats, watching the ducks, or just to walking around. The other pond is for the public to go fishing! You'll need a fishing permit, but people really love bringing their folding chairs and a picnic while fishing in Boulder City! There are also large parks, beautiful lake mead, famous mountain biking trails, historic buildings, and so much more! Come check out this historic town. Pinyon Properties is the best real estate brokerage in the area. We are here to assist with your real estate needs!

What makes a good realtor? 02/09/2023

With so many different personalities and a myriad of situations, pleasing every client is a serious challenge! To be a successful realtor, you must always look out for your clients best interest while at the same time be considering a win / win scenario for both parties in the transaction. A good realtor must be able to put their feet in both parties shoes to run a smooth closing. Here at Pinyon Properties, that is our gift and talent! Negotiating fairly and firmly is our knack, and our clients are thrilled by the end of every transaction. Our 100% five star reviews on all platforms confirm the satisfaction our clients feel about our company's service. As a Pinyon Properties client, you will feel as though you are the most important client we have. The time we offer those we represent, the listening ear we give, and the relationships we develop, have all contributed to our incredible reputation.

What should landlords know about tenant evicitons? 02/09/2023

When you are trying to sell a home that has a tenant living there, it is extremely important that you serve that tenant with a 30 day notice if they are at the end of their lease and you no longer want them to reside there. You must go through the city's constables office to have them serve an official 30 day notice. DO NOT TAKE YOUR RENTERS WORD when they give you the thumbs up. Protect yourself by having the constable go out and serve that official notice just in case that tenant chooses not to vacate at the end of the 30 day term. If you choose to not serve the notice through the city and then they don't move out, it will set you back another 30 plus days! Trust me, I've been through this many times, spend the small amount it takes to have the constable go out and serve the official notice and protect yourself! Pinyon Properties is your real estate one stop shop!

What is a cashout refinance? 02/09/2023

You may have heard of a Cash Out Refinance, and with properties having so much equity in them right now, a cash out refi is a way to access that money to use for things such as other investments properties, to get a lower interest rate, do home projects, consolidate your debt, pay for college tuition, or what ever needs you may have. A cash out refi replaces your existing mortgage with a new home loan at a higher amount so that you can tap into the difference. There are limits as to how much of the equity you can borrow and loan terms and requirements will vary. A cash out refi enables you to take advantage of your homes value.

What should I know about capitol gains tax before I sell a property? 02/09/2023

Calculating capital gains tax in real estate can be tricky. The tax rate depends on many factors such as your tax bracket, marital status, how long you’ve owned the home and wether it was your personal home or an investment property. Here are the General parameters…If you are selling your primary residence and you have owned and lived there for at least 2 years then you can avoid paying capital gains taxes on the first $250,000 if you are single or up to $500,000 if you are married and filing jointly. This exemption is allowed every 2 years. If you plan on selling an income property, you will need to plan ahead to lower your tax liability. In short there are Three ways to avoid or lower your tax liability:Establishing the rental as a primary residenceDoing a 1031 Exchange which just puts off your taxes.OR investing in an Opportunity Zones which are designated as low income areas. Make sure you keep a good record of all property expenses, improvements, repairs, losses, fees and other costs from the purchase of the home so that you can take advantage of all eligible deductions. Don’t forget to check with your tax attorney or accountant for information specific to your situation before selling your property.

Why do mortgage interest rates matter? 02/09/2023

The interest rate is the amount a lender charges you to borrow money and an interest rate affects your monthly loan payment. Take a look at these general examples…If you have a home loan for $400,000, at a 4% interest rate, your monthly principle and interest payment would be $1910. At 5% the payment rises to $2147 P&I, and at a 6% interest rate it goes up to $2398 a month.Because the interest rate affects your monthly loan payment, it in turn affects your Debt to Income Ratio. A Debt to Income Ratio is just a fancy term to explain what percentage of your income is going towards your debt each month. It’s one of the things lenders and mortgage providers use to determine how risky it is to lend you money. Note that expenses such as groceries, utilities and gas, generally don’t factor into your DTI ratio. Interest rates will affect your Debt to Income Ratio because as your interest rate increases, so does your payment, resulting in a higher DTI ratio. As a general guideline, 50% is the highest DTI ratio a borrower can have and still get approved for a mortgage. Ideally, lenders prefer a debt-to-income ratio lower than 36%, with no more than 28% of that debt going towards servicing a mortgage or rent payment. The DTI ratios vary from lender to lender. Take a look at these general examples so you can calculate your DTI…First, total up all of your monthly debt such as … (example below)-Estimated mortgage payment $2147 ($400,000 loan at 5%)-Property tax and property insurance $150-Credit Card Debt $150-Car payment $350-Student loans $200THEN take the total monthly debt divide it by your total gross income (monthly income before taxes) in order to get your monthly debt to income ratio. If you are over the 50% DTI ratio then it is very likely you will need to pay down some of your debt to qualify for the loan or borrow less money for the house so your mortgage payment is less expensive. So, as you can see a higher interest rate may increase your monthly debt and affects how much you can borrow.An interest rate also determines how much extra money you will pay in interest over the life of the loan to the bank. Using the same example of a $400,000 loan at a 4% interest rate, you will pay $287,478 in interest to the bank over the 30 year loan. At a 5% rate, you’ll pay an additional $373,023 over the life of the loan. And at a 6% interest rate, you’ll be paying an extra $463,353 in interest to the lender! This means at 6% you’ll pay a total of $863,353 over the life of the 30 year loan. As you can see interest rates matter! They affect how much you will pay and how much you can afford. Before jumping into a loan, give us a call to see if you are getting the best rate possible.

Should I pay my house down early? 02/09/2023

Many people just pay the required mortgage payment amount each month without realizing how adding a little extra money goes a long way. Let’s look at a general example so you can see the many benefits of paying additional money towards your home loan. Let’s say your mortgage loan is $350,000, a 5% interest rate with a 30 year term. This principle and interest payment would be $1879 a month. Now, if you happen to have an extra $500 a month that you can put towards your monthly payment this small sacrifice would knock off almost 11 years! You would have your home loan paid off in just 19 years and you would save over $133,000 thousand dollars in interest! Now let’s say you can afford an extra $1000 a month, what would that do? That sacrifice would save you almost $190,000 dollars in interest, and you would pay your home loan about 16 years early! Any extra amount you can pay towards the principle loan amount will greatly benefit you. You will save thousands of dollars, build up the equity in your home, and with a little effort you can own your home free and clear! If you are ready to buy, sell, or invest, give us a call. Pinyon Properties is your real estate one stop shop!

What should I know about being a landlord? 02/09/2023

Top 3 Things To Know About Being A Landlord & Managing Rental Properties1. SCREEN EACH TENANT Have each prospective adult tenant fill out application & at the very least, screening should include a credit report, background check, 3 months paystubs, verification of employment, past evictions, and a call to the potential tenant’s current and former landlords. Doing a through screening will save you time, headaches, and money down the road.2. HAVE A SIGNED CONTRACT Always have a written and signed lease agreement with a start and end date of occupancy. All of the terms of the lease must be in writing and signed by each party. It would be important to obtain a complete and through lease agreement from a local property management company as to not miss any crucial terms and conditions. If you are unsure about the tenant, then do not agree to an extra long term lease. Test them with a shorter lease, then if they are dependable renew the lease so you can avoid an eviction or a difficult and undesirable tenant.3. HAVE A PLAN Having good plan for rent collection, repairs and inevitable maintenance. Make sure you have a clear and communicated plan about how, where and when rent is to be paid. It is preferable to have the tenant on auto pay each month so the payments are consistent. Gather names & numbers of a skilled handyman, electrician, AC repair company, & landscaper, as these will be your main issues. The tenant needs to know in writing what their maintenance responsibilities will be.

Should you stage a house when you sell it? 02/09/2023

As we see the market shift from a hot sellers market into a more steady market, it is important to make your property stand out. One of the ways your property can shine and be noticed is through staging. Staging simply means bringing in furniture and special decorating accents to help potential buyers visualize themselves there. It helps buyers see the best use of spaces, emphasize unique features, and it can even get you a higher purchase price! It is important to declutter as much as possible, even if it means you must rent a storage unit to get most of the unnecessary items out of the house during the listing period. Do a deep clean, make sure the home smells good, and remember that you don’t have to over do it. Keeping the staging look clean and simple can go a long way. When a home is staged nicely, the photos and videos online will stand out from the other basic listings. A good online presence is powerful and will bring in more buyers and likely a higher purchase price! At Pinyon Properties, we help our clients homes shine!

What is a credit score and a FICO score? 02/09/2023

The terms FICO score and credit score are usually used interchangeably. This score is made up of many different pieces of credit data from your credit report. There are five categories that agencies look at. About 35% of your score is from your payment history. A lender wants to know if you have paid your past debts off and on time. This is the most important factor in your FICO score. Second, 30% of your score will reflect the amounts you owe. Banks want to assess if you are overextended and if you are at risk of defaulting. This debt to income ratio is very important. Third, 15% of your score looks at how long you have had your credit accounts open and established. The history of your credit isn’t everything, but it can impact your score a little. Next, creditors will be looking to see the mix of credit that you have open such as credit cards, retail accounts, loans, and mortgages. This will not make or break your FICO score but it can help to have a variety of loans with a good payment history. A credit mix will account for 10% of your score. Finally, the last 10% of your score is looking to see how many new credit accounts and inquiries you have had within the past 12 months. Be careful not to apply for too many loans, too rapidly, as this will show up on the credit search. FICO scores help lenders determine if you are going to be a dependable borrower in a fair, mathematical way. A good score may help you qualify for higher amounts, at lower interest rates, with favorable loan terms.

Why should you consider living in Boulder City, Nevada? 02/07/2023

Who doesn’t appreciate a safe and cozy town with all of the amenities of a big city nearby? Boulder City Nevada fits that description perfectly! The15,000 Boulder City residents enjoy the beautiful sunsets and charming old town feel of this historic city daily. In 1928 President Calvin Coolidge authorized the building of the Hoover Dam and the creation of Boulder City, NV. This quaint little town was originally created to house those who worked on the Hoover Dam and was owned by the federal government under the direction of the Bureau of Reclamation. The Hoover Dam was completed in 1936, which was 22 months ahead of schedule! In 1960 Boulder City was incorporated and the citizens have enacted slow growth laws to keep that small town feel in tact. There is no gambling nor casinos within the towns borders, making Boulder City the safest city in Nevada. If you want the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, just hop in the car and drive about 25 miles. Boulder City has beautiful parks, Lake Mead, and miles of mountain bike trails. If you are coming to Nevada and would like to live in a quiet, friendly town, look no further than Boulder City! Pinyon Properties has their main office in Boulder City and the owners of this real estate brokerage come from a five generation Nevada family. There is no other real estate brokerage that knows this historic city better than Pinyon Properties. To learn more about Boulder City or the surrounding areas, give us a call at 702-336-9612 or visit our website at PinyonRealEstate.com.

What are the most exclusive neighborhoods in the Las Vegas, Nevada area? 02/07/2023

Luxury homes in the Las Vegas area are moving quickly as people from outside of the state move to Southern Nevada. It is predicted that in 2022, the drive for more exclusive neighborhoods will increase, raising the prices even higher. Some of the most lavish neighborhoods located in Clark County are Tournament Hills, Anthem Country Club, The Summit, The Ridges, MacDonald Highlands, Ascaya, and Southern Highlands. These ritzy and private communities are full of upscale amenities, green golf courses, private tennis clubs, and scenic views of the Las Vegas Strip. Tournament Hills is located in Summerlin and is one of the most prestigious golf course neighborhoods in all of Las Vegas. These homes offer city views, mountain, and golf course views. The gated community has basketball courts, tennis courts, a PGA golf course, and is a beautiful master-planned community. Anthem Country Club is a huge up-scale planned development in Henderson, Nevada. Many of the custom homes have outstanding, sparkling views of the Las Vegas Strip. You will have everything you need in this classy neighborhood, sport courts, a golf course, pools, a fitness center, and even dining! Nestled between Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and the Las Vegas Strip, The Summit Club is Vegas’s only private residential lifestyle club community. There are five-star amenities, an exquisite golf course, and fitness classes right there in the neighborhood. Summerlin’s ultra luxury golf resort community will be loved by all. The Ridges of Summerlin is often called the crown jewel and is the most renowned community in all of Southern Nevada. It is located in the foothills of the Red Rock Area and has some of the best views of Las Vegas. You can golf on the 18-hole course, exercise at the private state of the art fitness center, play tennis and lounge poolside. These luxury homes are something to behold. MacDonald Highlands are a series of affluent residential neighborhoods in Henderson, Nevada. Located at the base of Black Mountain and just a few miles from Las Vegas, this luxury neighborhood will blow your mind! It is a Master-planned 1,320 acre development with the famous DragonRidge Country Club. Here you have an 18-hole championship golf course, an impressive fitness center, stunning tennis courts, and dog parks with a view! Ascaya is the next level of luxury in Las Vegas. In this private gated community, you will have almost everything you could ever want, world class hiking, biking, trails, parks, fitness centers and dining. Ascaya has included a large family park, splash pads, and activates to entertain the whole family. Living in Ascaya isn’t just a home, it is an experience. Last but not least, Southern Highlands, which was voted Best Master Planned Community of Las Vegas. You’ll have it all in the ten neighborhoods of Southern Highlands, grocery stores, salons, fitness centers, banks, gas stations, pools, and a fabulous golf course to name a few. It is among the most affluent communities in the state of Nevada and is just a short distance from the Las Vegas Strip. Southern Highlands is an ideal place to live if you are seeking a gorgeous luxury neighborhood. If you are interested in a luxury home in the Southern Nevada area, Pinyon Properties Real Estate can assist you. Call 702-336-9612 to set up a viewing or to find out what homes are available. Pinyon Properties is your luxury real estate one-stop-shop.

What should I know about capitol gains tax? 02/06/2023

When you sell your home, you may be subject to a capital gains tax because of the increase in value while you’ve owned it. Fortunately, there are ways to limit that capital gains tax on a home sale so you can keep as much profit in your pocket as possible! Calculating capital gains tax in real estate can be tricky. The tax rate depends on many factors such as your tax bracket, marital status, how long you’ve owned the home and wether it was your personal home or an investment property. Here are the General parameters… If you are selling your primary residence and you have owned and lived there for at least 2 years then you can avoid paying capital gains taxes on the first $250,000 if you are single or up to $500,000 if you are married and filing jointly. This exemption is allowed every 2 years. If you plan on selling an income property, you will need to plan ahead to lower your tax liability. In short there are Three ways to avoid or lower your tax liability. 1. Establishing the rental as a primary residence 2. Doing a 1031 Exchange which just puts off your taxes. 3. Investing in an Opportunity Zones which are designated as low income areas. Make sure you keep a good record of all property expenses, improvements, repairs, losses, fees and other costs from the purchase of the home so that you can take advantage of all eligible deductions. Don’t forget to check with your tax attorney or accountant for information specific to your situation before selling your property.

How much money do I need to save up to buy a house? 2/06/2023

This is a question I get all of the time and there isn’t an easy cut and dry answer! The downpayment isn’t the only cost to buying a home. There are many other costs you’ll need to save up for. Even if you have a zero money down type of a loan, you will still have to have cash to close. You can generally expect to pay about 3-6% of the purchase price in fees such as appraisals, inspections, title and escrow fees, recording fees, loan fees, mortgage insurance, home insurance, property tax, HOA fees, rate locks, transaction fees, discount points, and other closing costs. So once you have saved up the 3-20% down payment amount, make sure that you calculate the closing costs so you are not caught off guard. In a sellers market it is unlikely that you will get the seller to contribute to these costs, however in a buyers market it is not uncommon to see seller contributions.

Housing Crash 2.0? 02/06/2023

Earlier in the year 2022, approximately 45% of the home sellers believed that the housing market was on it way to a crash. Google searches for the phrase “housing bubble” spiked and doomsday fears increased as the market seemed overheated. While these fears have some legitimacy, it is not a housing crash 2.0! The circumstances that surround this housing adjustment are different that what we saw around 2008. The US is still facing a low housing inventory situation and low rental vacancy rates. This is due to many years of underproduction. Below are facts that may help you understand how this housing market shift is different than the one we saw during the Great Recession. Mortgages are structured differently today. Lenders are much more strict about whom they will lend to. Buyers must have higher credit scores and prove their ability to pay back the loan. Housing inventories throughout the US remain low. According to Freddie Mac’s estimates, The US is short approximately 3 million homes. There is still a buyer demand for homes. Homeownership is a top goal for millennials and others. Investing in real estate hedges against inflation. With a fixed rate mortgage, a buyer can guarantee their payments and closely estimate their monthly expenses. Historically, homeowners who buy and hold on to their home for at least 10 years have a 93% chance of selling their home for more than what they paid. Finally, a housing market correction is not the same as a market crash. Prices are steadily decreasing as the interest rates are currently increasing. Purchase prices and interest rates must make financial sense and once they do, we will see an uptick in sales again. Real Estate is still a good investment and can provide security to you and your family. In today’s market, go over the numbers carefully and just make sure that they work for you. As you navigate this interesting time in history, choose Pinyon Properties. We are your real estate professionals and are ready to assist.

What should your real estate agent do for you? 02/06/2023

There are thousands of licensed real estate agents, but only a handful that go above and beyond for their clients. An experienced realtor should always be representing the clients best interest. They must be able to evaluated the needs and desires of the client and diligently work towards that goal. A realtor must be honest, available, personable, knowledgable, and on top of all of the important dates and deadlines. These dates and deadlines are incredibly important as they dictate crucial contingencies. If you have an inexperienced agent that does not watch these dates, you run the risk of losing your earnest money deposit and possibly worse consequences. Good communication will be key to a successful transaction. This is likely one of the largest transactions a person will experience in a lifetime, so it is very important that you choose who represents you wisely. It is completely acceptable to interview several real estate agents, look at their online reviews, and ask for referrals from local friends and family. Here at Pinyon Properties, we have you covered and we will carefully guide you through.

Where is the best place to live in Boulder City, Nevada? 02/06/2023

Boulder City, Nevada is a historic town. It was established during the time of the building of the Hoover Dam in 1931. It is next to the bustling city's of Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada. Boulder City is much smaller and has a growth ordinance that keeps this charming city quaint. There are just under 15,000 residents and it feels like a peaceful, quiet place compared to the neighboring cities. It is difficult to say what is the best place to live in Boulder City, as there is such a variety. There are several areas that have historic homes that date back to the 1930's. There are large luxury homes that overlook beautiful Lake Mead. There are homes that back up to the green municipal golf course. There are also homes that are newly built with fine finishes. If you are looking for a small town feel that is next to the sparkling lights of Las Vegas, then Boulder City is perfect! Pinyon Properties is a local Boulder City real estate brokerage that also serves the areas of Henderson and Las Vegas.

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